Your live data on the web without coding

Your IoT platform to build your business applications
and to manage your fleet of devices
without coding.


Get the most of your data for efficient decisions.


Monitor your data in real time to take the best decisions and manage your business efficiently

Visualization widgets

Discover our widgets library to adapt to your business needs

Web integration

Embed JYSE into your web interface to complement your datavizualisation solutions

Notifications & Alarms

Receive your alerts and events by SMS or email. Available soon.

Template interface

Create templates for your teams & colleagues


Keep in touch with your system wherever you are (PC, tablet, smartphone)


Browse into your data details to investigate efficiently

Commands & Interactions

Remotely interact with your devices.


Build your IoT applications without software development skills.

& Drop

No coding skills are required to use JYSE and build your interfaces.

User management

Manage your organisations and user privileges with our multitenancy feature


Choose the most appropriate graphical representation
to highlight your data

& Share

Spread information easily and efficiently among your teams

Configure & personalize

Our extremely tunable widgets let you personalize your application to your corporate look and feel.

Library Resources

Import images and videos to enrich
the user experience.

White label OEM

Integrate JYSE seamlessly in your application and enhance it instantaneously with a web app builder feature


Agregate heterogeneous industrial
and IoT data protocols: MQTT, JSON, SQL,…


Discover the different industries where JYSE can be used and help you.

Integrators or OEM partners ?


Provide your customers with an IoT platform requiring no-coding skills.
Enrich your services and provide an end-to-end solution.
Increase your IoT project development speed with JYSE and impress your customers.