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The best of visualization with Objenious and JYSE

18 May 2018 | Jyse News

JYSE interfaces with Objenious, the first operator of a LoRaWAN network in France. Users of the Objenious network can benefit from an ergonomic and efficient solution to display and visualize the real-time data of their connected objects.

Objenious real-time data visualization is quick and easy with JYSE!


IoT platforms offer tools for creating simple data visualization screens. However, the customization of screens remains limited.. With our JYSE solution, Objenious subscribers have access to a multitude of page composition possibilies (choice of a particular color for a background, addition of company logos, etc.). In just a few clicks and without coding (video), thanks to JYSE, users get their data from Objenious and build their custom web applications.


In two clicks, create your new Objenious data source.
Configuration window of the Objenious data source

Configuration window of the Objenious data source

Browse your data sources and compose your web applications without coding.
Browse your data sources and compose your web applications without coding.

Browse your Objenious data source.

JYSE answers advanced visualization needs..

JYSE is the ideal software solution for advanced design of real-time data display screens. Beyond its simplicity of use, JYSE brings a great flexibility of parameterization. The customization of the created pages allows a rendering adapted to each use case and for each user.

Build your web applications with JYSE.

Your production will be easily integrated in other pages of websites. They can also be displayed on different types of screen (PC, tablet, smartphone).

Aggregate heterogeneous data.

You probably need to aggregate other data than Objenious on your visualization screens. JYSE allows you to gather data from various sources (other IoT platforms, files, databases, industrial machines, …) and display them on one or more pages.

With JYSE you get a global vision of your environment to decide more effectivently.

For more technical details on an Objenious data source configuration we have produced the video tutorial below:

If you’d like to test our JYSE software, request a demo access, and get a free access for 30 days.

Find all our videos and tutorials in the Videos section of our web site or on our YouTube channel.

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