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JYSE partners with Wirepas

11 September 2019 | Jyse News, Tutorials

Thanks to its Wirepas connector, in a few clicks, JYSE allows you to locate in real-time, devices compatible with the Wirepas technology. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, track easily your devices with JYSE.

As a Wirepas partner, JYSE offers a full evaluation pack which includes the hardware, the Wirepas geolocation engine and the JYSE visualisation application. Contact us for more information.

JYSE à Vivatech


Watch how simple it is to create a dashboard with this video tutorial:

If you’d like to test our JYSE software, request a demo access, and get a free access for 30 days.

Find all our videos and tutorials in the Videos section of our web site or on our YouTube channel.

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