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JYSE is compatible
with Sigfox

12 September 2018 | Jyse News

The new Sigfox connector for JYSE extends the data sources spectrum. After LiveObject and Objenious, both LoRa network providers, Sigfox broadens the range of IoT data which can be included in your JYSE applications. 

Jyse connecteur SIGFOX
Include your Sigfox data in your JYSE application with a few clicks and without writing a single line of code.

The configuration of a new Sigfox data source is very simple: JYSE will only require your Sigfox identifiers. Once done, JYSE lists all the data hosted by the Sigfox network. You will thus be able to show the data in any of the graphical representation you wish, and position it on the page where you want.

Furthermore, you are able to aggregate on a same JYSE screen several data coming from different IoT networks (Sigfox, Objenious, LiveObject,…), or industrial networks, data bases, files… You will thus have a global overview your data.

You will find more technical details on how to use the Sigfox connector in the first part of this video tutorial below:

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