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From PoC to deployment with JYSE

1 October 2018 | Jyse News

Parametric pages concept allows JYSE to switch from a prototype to an industrial application in a few clicks. Indeed,  when creating a single page taking as parameters predefined data source elements, you will be able to create at once tens or hundreds of pages each having their own specific information.

GeoJSON Jyse Plan
The JYSE parametric pages enables you to switch from a prototype to a large scale exploitation in a few clicks.

Visualisation platforms offer tools to create simple dashboards. However, they often do not offer the ability to create such dashboards for a large scale use. Each dashboard has to be done manually, even if the structure remains the same (only the displayed data is changing). This tedious work generates many repetitive actions, often prone to errors and cannot be industrialized for large scale use. The JYSE parametric page concept addresses this issue. The JYSE user is now able to switch its JYSE web application from a prototype to a large scale use very quickly.

Parametric pages avoid boring and error prone copy/paste actions
Create only once your parametric page

You select your data for your parametric page

Reduce your time and commissioning costs with JYSE parametric page.
Select your data for your parametric page

You select your data for your parametric page.

With the JYSE parametric page feature, the extra cost of going into operation becomes insignificant, whatever the number of data to display and pages to create. Indeed, you will only have to:

  1. Create a parametric page
  2. Bind the data to the different graphical or textual elements of the page
  3. Bind the the parametric page to the page referencing all the parametric pages.

Then, as many parametric pages as available data will be created automatically. No more boring and clumsy copy/paste !

For more technical details on how to configure parametric page, have a look at the video tutorial below (set the video subtitles to english):

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