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ESRF: Testimony

12 March 2018 | Jyse News

The ESRF, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, based in Grenoble, has been using our software solution for several weeks. Jean-Michel Chaize, head of the acceleration control unit, talks about the reasons for his choice for this solution:

« We wanted to offer our users a remote visualization of our facilities status and we had several requirements:

  1. Have dashboards displaying real-time data monitored remotely on any type of screen (PC, tablet, smartphone) through a web browser only.
  2. The autonomy of all of our operators, whatever their IT skills, to create and modify dahsboards through the web browser only.
  3. The display, in real-time, of our data coming from our TANGO Controls infrastructure
  4. An on-premise installation of the solution without an external link to internet

ESRF equipments status displayed with JYSE

ESRF equipments status



The JYSE solution met all these needs. Indeed, with JYSE, in a few clicks I can create dashboards which will allow me to follow in real-time the most important data while running my operations. Furthermore, the ease of use of the solution allows the different system users and equipments managers to create their own dashboards and thus be more efficient in their decision making and actions. »

As part of its maintenance contract, Jean-Michel Chaize also benefit from all the responsiveness of the JYSE team as well as the JYSE solution updates to get the latest available features.

To discover the JYSE solution and its ablity to speed up your industrial projects delivery capabilities, come and visit us at the Digital Summit on 19/03 at Lyon or at the Sido event on April 4th and 5th at Lyon.

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