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Between JYSE and Adeunis,
it communicates !

2 March 2018 | Jyse News

In just a few clicks, the JYSE solution allows you to display in real-time the data coming from  LoRaWAN TEMP adeunis® and LoRaWAN DRY CONTACTS adeunis® sensors manufactured by Adeunis, using the Lora public network.

Adeunis, Live Objects, and JYSE architecture

Through the Orange LiveObject platform, the JYSE solution offers each user decoded and organized data of each of its sensors. Thus, even without knowledge of software development, JYSE users can create their web applications for visualizing industrial data. JYSE will soon provide similar connectivity with Adeunis sensors for Sigfox and Objenious networks.

To discover the JYSE solution and its ability to accelerate the realization of IoT projects, come and meet us at the Digital Summit on 19/03 at Lyon or at the Sido event on April 4th and 5th at Lyon.

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