Your live data on the web without coding

Create and display

your industrial indicators for your dashboards on the web

Create and display

your industrial indicators for your dashboards on the web

Your dashboards

in 3 gestures


Choose the most suitable graphic representation


Link your graphic to you different data sources


Publish your web page and share your dashboard with your teams

The data you need, live, on your screen

Revolutionize and adapt the visualization of your data to the new standards of the web
Ergonomics at the service of business experts


Divide by 10 your development costs


Create your synoptic views in 3 gestures only from your web browser


Compose using drag-n-drop and have a live preview


Benefit from SaaS feature or deploy locally on site



Compatible with your industrial protocols, JYSE can display performance indicators from heterogeneous environments


Centralize all the data of your connected objects using the MQTT protocol


Already compatible with the open source SCADA and DCS TANGO, give agility to your supervision screen

The team

Jyse is a team of 5 passionate, complementary and experienced persons.
Their ambition: to make dynamic web page construction easy and fun for all.

Jérôme Cambon

Jérôme Cambon

With more than 20 years of experience in design, architecture and software development, Jérôme loves discovering new technologies and solving new technical challenges, especially in complex and distributed environments.

Yves Joan

Yves Joan

Yves brings his expertise in software quality and IT infrastructure maintenance. His software testing skills will ensure the robustness of the developed products .

Simon Viénot

Simon Viénot

Simon has a lot of experience as a product manager in software development. His managerial skills and his natural leadership will bring a team cohesion to meet the challenges ahead.

Eric Le Ponner

Eric Le Ponner

Eric, with his experience in new technologies and his skills in web software ergonomics, will manage the software development strategy towards the efficiency and the durability of the products.

nicolas dentant

nicolas dentant

Nicolas brings his 10 years of experience in sales and his knowledge of industrial environments. He is in charge of the business development, marketing and communication.


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