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The first indoor asset tracking solution, installed and operational in 1h

Our commitment

To give you the best of our expertise and IoT technologies


A simple solution with a low cost infrastructure

A dedicated project expert

Overall management of hardware and software application to guarantee end-to-end support before deployment.

Instant deployment

A one hour installation, on site or Saas

The best technologies

We select for you the best technologies, adapted to your needs.


When the most scalable, reliable and profitable IoT connectivity on the market
meets business application experts.

With our carefully selected technologies, communications take place via a wireless, meshed, robust and reliable network.
You have access to a wide choice of compatible hardware devices.


100% of the devices detected


Your data are encrypted end-to-end


Up to 5000 devices detected in 1 minute.


Up to 20 years.


The best technologies.

The GEOJyse business applications are designed to help you visualize, monitor and manage your devices.


  • Choose hardware
  • Install hardware
  • Import map
  • Position anchors on the map
  • Deploy business application

They trust us

The best of our expertise and IoT technologies

We make sure you are always equipped with the best technology for industrial asset tracking,
the accuracy of sensor measurements and the management of your devices.

State-of-the-art equipment to combine design and specific needs

More than 150 device makers allow us to implement the solution that meets your needs for design, ergonomics, your project specifics in terms of information and device management.


Up to
20 years

< 5m



Real time

Business data

Our list of templates is continuously enriched to meet your business needs.




Light signal

Discover GEOJyse
in 1 minute

The first indoor assets tracking solution, installed and operational in 1h

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